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is my land suitable for development?

This information is provided by Land2Sell, a service that matches sellers of building land with developers of new and sustainable homes, affordable and care homes.

First things first - consider planning.  We will be able to help.

Will I get planning permission?

The likelihood of getting planning permission to develop on UK land varies considerably depending on its location.

While it is true to say that the current housing shortage, political pressure to build new homes, and a changing development framework are facilitating some types of development, unless your land meets certain fundamental criteria, it is unlikely that a planning application will be successful and therefore property developers will not be interested.

Before approaching Land2Sell we recommend that you check the following broad guidelines to assess suitability for development.

Where is your site located?

The possibility of development is greater if your land is:

  • In a growth area
  • Adjacent to an existing settlement. Is it logical for these to expand in the direction of your site?
  • In a zone where new house building is encouraged
  • Relatively level, and easily accessible for roads and connection of main utilities. If it is near a bus route, it will be looked at more favourably, particularly for affordable home development.

Many of these questions can be answered easily by common sense and visual inspection of your site, combined with looking at the local housing development plan for your area.

How is your land classified?

Land in the UK has various classifications (such as Brownfield, Greenfield, or Green Belt), and the chances of selling your site for development vary according to the category in which the land falls. You should therefore check with your local planning authority how your land is classified.

Brownfield sites are usually within an urban area on which development has previously taken place. These can be good development opportunities, with a good return if a ’change of use’ can be approved.

Greenfield sites are those in which there has not previously been development. Usually in agricultural use and located outside the existing built-up area.

Green Belt sites are mainly on the outskirts of large cities. Historically, developing on Green Belt land has been difficult, but both central government and local planning authorities have been moving to the view that Green Belt constraints should be relaxed given the enlarged UK population and housing crisis.

What type of housing is proposed?

Currently there is a great deal of emphasis in the UK on building affordable homes, sustainable homes, and care homes, and if your site has characteristics that suit these type of developments, you may find it easier to get planning permission.

Long term view

Taking all of these considerations into account, even if your land is unlikely to be developed for a number of decades, we can still find a buyer who is prepared to take a long term view.

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